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Next round of workshops for Dance Companies is just around the corner in Viminacium (SB), Merida (ES), Volos (GR), Ostia (IT) for its first round and Tharros (IT).

11 June 2024 | Publicado : 22:22 (11/06/2024) | Actualizado: 22:23 (11/06/2024)

In all the involved communities the workshop is addressed to a wide
spectrum of people: elder people, young people, people with disabilities, meaning any range of the active population in the communities.

Particularly, there is a strong interest for young people having previous knowledge on dance and theatre, as an opportunity for new learning experience on dancing techniques and acting approaches and above all, to promote the interaction between the dance companies, students and local professionals, in order to learn and understand needs and concerns of each other.

Together with a planned visit to archaeological spaces so that visitors can make progresses structuring their performing approach during Dancing Histor(y)ies Festival. Video diaries and communication materials to be collected in order to share this emotional experience among project partners.

DH Festivals press conference presentation – Rome Dancing Histor(y)ies Festivals are about to start and we have proudly announced the calendar during a general press conference
held in Rome on May 23 rd . Here is the complete DH Festival Calendar.

25 May - 25/27 July Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica
24/26 June Viminacium Arheološki park/Archaeological park
05/07 July Festival de Teatro Clásico de Mérida
12/14 July Tharros Area Archeologica
06/09 September Volos

This press conference has also seen a detailed presentation of the first international dance showcase to be experienced in Ostia
Antica (IT) - one of the most poignant archaeological and ethnoanthropological legacies in the Mediterranean – which has kicked off with its preview date on May 25 th and will follow up on July 25/27.

More info and the detailed plan of activities and schedule of our amazing contemporary dance groups on our website at
Keep following all the steps of the project, we are ready to dance and create new bonds with local communities!

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